Friday, November 2, 2012

See You Next Week!!

Last month I started teaching a new seminar centered around educating children with ASD.  It was brilliant!  I don't mean my work was that spectacular, but I felt more comfortable teaching this brand new course than I EVER felt teaching my last geriatrics seminar.  Feeling so at ease must mean I am on the right track.  The people who attended were pleased too.  Another positive sign because it doesn't matter how much I am enjoying myself if I am speaking to a room full of empty chairs.

Once again, time for traveling and teaching.  This should be an interesting tour as I will be in Lexington, KY and Huntington, WV.  The city of Huntington is the home of my alma mater, Marshall University (GO HERD), where I graduated with my MA in Communication Disorders.   I am a little nervous, knowing that the conference room will full of  those I may know, professionally and personally.  Professors, friends, and mentors coming to hear what I have learned over the past decade. YIKES!!!!

Bottom line...I am confident the educators, therapists, or parents who come to the seminar this week will walk away with some important information, some practical advice, and maybe even a more thorough understanding of these amazing kids on the autism spectrum. I am certain I will move forward from this experience with a better understanding of myself as an educator and speaker, as I take on this high pressure situation.  I also think it will be tons of fun spending a day with old colleagues and friends.

Hope to see you there!!  YAY!

Check out the course objectives and a letter from Yours Truly :-)

Monday, June 18, 2012

A People Therapist

The moment when you realize things have come full circle.  When you realize this is where you are supposed to be and are thrilled to have made the decisions allowing it to happen.

For me, this moment is right now.  

Away from the mind is taking a different route, just as I have.  My clinical focus has diversified, shifted, and I am now working part time in an outpatient clinic and hospital.  The why behind this change was huge but now is not the time to get into it.  I still dabble with PRN work in long term care and skilled nursing, but this new job is really a dream come true.  My first job as an SLP was almost exactly like the one I have landed in now; mostly kids, a few adults, outpatients and inpatients. I am right back where I started and it feels great.   On the downside I have gone through many questions in my mind like how to change my focus?   Can I really go back and pick up where I left off?  Will I still serve kids as effectively as before?  Can I give up all the work I’ve done with these adults I so love?  Do I even have to give up the work with adults?   I still feel strongly about helping this fragile geriatric population that so many look over, but it didn’t feel like it was the place for me any longer. 

 The answers were not easy to come to but basically I know that it is not all or nothing.  

What a terrible limitation to place on myself “I am an adult therapist”  or “I am a pediatric therapist”.  I am choosing to define myself (if I have to do that) as a “people therapist”.  My strength is understanding people who think differently, learn differently, communicate differently, and this ability is limitless.   So now it’s time to get this blog back in check and here is what to expect…

The topics may be more diverse, there will be talk about populations beyond aging adults, the writings will ALWAYS be heartfelt.

So here I am, with a vastly different perspective than I ever experienced, and I can’t wait to see what happens next!!!

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Listening to an audio interview the other day I heard something like this...

"if you don't find your work interesting enough to blog about it each day then you need to find new work"

Here is where I am...

Losing interest. Done.
Find something more interesting to put my efforts into. Done.
Be interested enough to have new ideas and thoughts for daily writings. In progress.

For the record I have not lost interest in helping those who are aging, learning about the brain and all of its aspects, but I am broadening my horizons a bit.

Away From the Mind will be getting an overhaul. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Don't Regret

This is a good read.

Top 5 Regrets of the Dying

Something to keep in mind as we converse with the ill and elderly.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Dementia CE in Virginia

Need any last minute CEUs??

I will be giving two seminars in Virginia next week. 6 hours credit and I promise it will be an enjoyable and worthwhile day :-)

Here is the Richmond registration on Wednesday 12/7/2011.

And registration info for Roanoke on Thursday 12/8/2011.

See you there!!

Thursday, November 24, 2011


A survey of THANKFULNESS as told by the elderly...

The girls (aka, nurse aids) who work hard
Happy times
A great birthday party earlier this month
New hearing aids, to better hear all of the gossip
Kids, Grandkids, Greatgrandkids, Spouses, Brothers, and Sisters
Fun we have upstairs (therapy gym) with that boy (the token male in our dept)
Unannounced visits from family
Late sleeping days, at that age no one HAS to wake early unless by choice
Not being confined to a wheelchair
Eating delicious food
Styled and washed hair
Still having a good mind at 91

There were a few others, as I learned I am a best friend, the ability to obtain oatmeal creme pies and cheesy puffs becomes invaluable, and even something as simple as seeing a smile from a caregiver gives our elderly patients a reason to be thankful.

Don't sweat the small stuff. Don't get bogged down by the big stuff. It appears that everything SIMPLIFIES in the end.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Seminar Time VA & MD

Year end is approaching quickly.

Come on out and see me if you still need some CE credits. 6 hours approved for SLP, OT, PT, nurses, administrators, and other boards. Message me if you need details.

Fairfax, VA on Wednesday 10-18-2011
Baltimore, MD on Thursday 10-19-2011 to register & walk in registration accepted.

See you there :-)